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Hello everybody, I want to share with you three new expressions that I have learnt from the Video Mr Aziz has sent to me.

Let’s start with the first one:

Out of the woods or (to be) out of the woods:

If you are out of the woods, that means that you have just come up with a difficult situation and your problem has ended.

Example: My friend was very sick two weeks ago and I was very worried, but now it looks like she is out of the woods.

If someone says to you that you are not out the woods yet, it means that your difficulties will continue. 

Example: It is true that the economy is getting stronger, but we are not out of the woods yet.

The second expression is:

A green thumb or (to have) a green thumb:

If you have a green thumb that means that you have a talent for gardening and you can make things growing well. You are good at growing plants.

Example: My grandmother has a green thumb. You should see her garden.

The last expression is:

Bed of roses:

If your life is a bed of roses that means that you have a life of ease and comfort, even luxury. If your life isn’t a bed of roses that means that you have a lot of hardship and difficulties.

Example: Do you think that living in USA is bed of roses?

It’s clear?

Let’s review:

(To be) out of the woods: to come up with a difficult situation.

(To have) a green thumb: talent for gardening.

Bed of roses: life of ease and comfort.

Now I’m going to write to you three statements and I want you to tell me which expression completes each one:

1-      My mother’s garden is the biggest and most colorful in the neighborhood. She really has a ……

2-      A fisherman’s life is no …..The sea can be rough, and fishermen often sleep for only a few hours a day.

3-      Charlie’s business stopped losing money. But he is not ……….yet. He still has a large debt to pay.


1-      Green thumb. It means that my mother has a talent for gardening.

2-      Bed of roses. It means that the fisherman’s life is not a life of ease and comfort and that he has a lot of difficulties.

3-      Out of the wood. Charlie has borrowed a big amount of money from the bank or from someone and he must give it back, so he is not out of the wood yet!

Any question?

Thank you.



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